Pathfind uses deep neural nets and advanced processing techniques to port once costly algorithms into lightweight processes that can be run on simple devices.


During the Covid-19 pandemic, in-home fitness and telemedicine markets saw a sharp increase in consumer demand. More people chose to–and continue to work out and visit doctors from the comfort of their own homes by using mobile apps or streaming services. 

This new lifestyle comes with certain setbacks. Users can lose motivation to follow in-app instructions, resulting in injury due to incorrect gestures and positions. 

Pathfind’s cutting-edge technology addresses this issue by providing an intuitive AI-driven user experience.


Pathfind’s unique technology:

Increases user retention and engagement by providing lightweight and easy to use AI-driven interactivity

Aids the avoidance of injury by identifying and addressing correct body position in real time.

Enriches the user experience by personalizing the user’s health and wellness journeys.


If you have questions about Pathfind’s mission or technology, or just want to learn more about how a lightweight, AI-driven experience can benefit users looking to improve or restore their health, contact us!